Mike Larose


Why Run?

For me, it's about quality of life. I especially enjoy the long Sunday morning runs. I love running through the trails. Just me and my thoughts, and music. I love the energy running gives me. It's an anxiety killer. It's a legal healthy drug. When I sought to get in better shape, I didn't think I would enjoy running. But the first time I felt that runner's high, I never looked back.

Unfortunately I'm on the disabled list. I went for a test run on the 22nd of May. After a kilometre, my hamstring was to sore. I had injured it a few days earlier. I hoped a few days of rest would suffice. Not so. Have to cancel plans for the upcoming half. Oh well. Best to rest. Going to concentrate on biking. Maybe get in the pool. More worried about cardio than anything else.

Sunday Long Run 12th May 2019

Sunday run. When training for a half I try to run 16 - 18k at about ten to fifteen seconds slower than race pace.